Friday, November 18, 2011

What's with women's shoes???

I was feeling quite proud of my new red wedges today as I slipped them on to march into the office. Only I didn't march, it was more like skating... ice-skating to be exact. Funny how I didn't notice at the shoe shop but these shoes are slippery! Now I'm pushing and gliding through the office, afraid to take my feet too far off the ground in case I slip and give myself a concussion, legs in the air.

Why is it that the manufacturer's of women's shoes can't seem to get it right? It can't be that hard, surely - it's certainly not rocket science. All we ask for are shoes that are:

  • cute
  • comfortable and supportive
  • don't carry a high risk of producing concussions with our underwear on display for all to see!
I don't think I'm asking too much am I? My experience has been that shoes are either cute or comfortable and stable. As I get older, the cute shoes in my closet move further towards the back and begin to gather dust.

Why can't we be cute and comfortable. I have heard that beauty is pain, but I'm greedy and want the beauty without the pain. I want my cake and I don't just want to look at it, I want to eat it too. Is that so wrong?

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