Sunday, March 11, 2012

Naturally good

So I know that a lot of people have switched to all natural cleaning supplies for their homes because they realise just how bad the chemical load of these products is for our family's health, immune systems etc, and for the environment (not to mention the hip pocket), but how many of us have switched to all natural for the things that we put on our skin (that are then absorbed directly into our bodies!)?

I have been remiss in this area, and am gradually switching over to all natural for everything we use in our home, including my skin care regime (I say regime, but let's face it - it's really just a cleanser and some moisturiser).

So, I've been trying out a few home remedies lately, and I have to say that they are really enjoyable to use and so easy to put together and very inexpensive.

I thought I'd share with you my latest experiment, yesterday I made an exfolient (recipe follows), and it was very nice!

It contains lemon juice and bicarb (baking) soda. That's it!

Why lemon? Because it...
  • Cleans (it's even anti-bacterial)
  • softens
  • exfoliates
  • brightens, repairs (goodbye age spots and blemishes!)
  • contains vitamins (such as C, a great anti-oxidant)
  • shrinks pores
  • detoxifies
  • smooths wrinkles
Why bicarb (baking) soda? Because it...
  • cleans
  • exfoliates
All you have to do is squeeze a couple of teaspoons of fresh lemon juice into a small bowl, add a teaspoon of bicarb soda, watch it fizz away, then dip a cotton wipe into the mixture and gently rub all over your face - the bicarb soda will act as a physical exfoliant, and you'll be able to feel it at work. Leave the concoction on your face for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and moisturise immediately.

Don't forget to use sunscreen (there are natural options for this too) if you go outside after using this recipe, as lemon juice can enhance the effects of the sun.

Your skin should feel refreshed and tingly, and if you use it regularly you should start to see results before too long. Let me know how you go!


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