Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It if matters to you, it matters to Him

My God is a God of love, and He makes it very clear to me on a regular basis that what matters to me, matters to him. When I pray, He is always faithful in answering my prayers. He always hears me, and always responds. I could recount so many stories for you of times when He has responded in amazing ways, miraculous ways; but when I consider the title of this post, one particular story springs to mind - a story that clearly demonstrates in my life that even the little things matter to Him if they matter to us.

Last year, hubby and I took our kids to the Brookfield show. It's not quite the same as the Murwillumbah show (my home town), not particularly exciting, very expensive, and if you have small children there are only about 2 rides that they can go on. None the less we headed to Brookfield for the annual highway robbery ehem... I mean show. Hubby was working, so we were meeting him there when he had a break for an hour or so before he went back to work. I rolled up, and pulled the pram out of the car. As I did so my wedding ring flew off my finger, and I saw (and heard) it roll straight across the narrow country road and into the mud and grass on the other side of the road. Uh oh! I kept my eyes firmly on the spot where it landed, and crossed the road to find it, but a couple of cars passed in between the ring and I, causing me to lose my focus. When I got to the other side the grass was tall, so before long I realised I had no real hope of finding it. Great! this trip just got a whole lot more expensive, I thought to myself as I got the kids out of the car. It was just my gold wedding band, thankfully not the engagement ring, but still valuable to me.

We met up with super-hubby and had a nice time at the show. I spent a few moments praying we'd find the ring, and then put it out of my mind. We returned to the car an hour or so later, and again I prayed we'd find it, and in complete faith we set about searching through the mud, grass and leaves in about the spot where I'd seen it land. My hope started to dwindle as there was no sign of it, and I opened the back of the SUV to put the pram away. I laid down the tailgate, folded up the pram, shoved it in the back, and as I reached down to close the tailgate I saw my ring sitting there - in the middle of the tailgate! It was even standing up on its side...haha!

Now I'm sure I could come up with  list of logical, natural explanations for how my ring ended up standing on its side on the tailgate of my car- that is, if I hadn't seen it roll across to the other side of the road and land in the mud. Finding my lost wedding ring is not earth-shatteringly amazing, it might even be considered insignificant in the eyes of most people... But that's the point. Big or small, it mattered to me, so it mattered to Him

As I said earlier, this is just one of many answered prayers that I could recount - and many are far more spectacular than this. But sometimes it's the little things He does for us that can really show us how much we mean to Him.

If you've never experienced Gods love, or an answered prayer on this way maybe it's because you haven't asked...what have you got to lose?  In my experience, He always responds in some way.

If it matters to you, it matters to Him.


Redcliffe Style said...

I LOVE this post!! It is completely true. I lost a pair of expensive gold earring in a shop car park and I was park outside a bottle shop. I had to drive to the school for school pick up, wait for the girls and drive back to the carpark. I spent an hour praying, not because I was worried about the cost of the earrings but because I was emotionally attached to them. As I was driving through the carpark, I could see them sparkling in the sun, standing beside them was a huge family that had obviously been drinking all day (or week). But the earring were waiting for me to find them. Thanks for sharing, Rachel x

Jess@Diary of a SAHM said...

We often forget that the little things that are important to us are just as important to God.
Thankyou for the reminder.

And thanks for linking today. Xxx

Rebecca Senyard said...

I just found your blog and this post via essentially Jess. I love this post and totally agree. I've had so many answers to prayer to and sometimes they have been little needs.